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Please read the entire journal. 
1- Send me a note me with what do you want, all references welcome! Please provide your paypal mail.
2- I'll send you a Paypal Invoice to your account and then I'll confirm your payment.
3- I'll work for you! (Times depends on complexity and place in Waiting List).

 I will be constantly updating the list for you to checkHeart

Commission Waiting List:

1.- AnnoyingWolf
  • Reina (Pastel Portrait): [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Coloring) by ShittyChan

15 USD Soft Pastel Colors Headshot
Commission for DementedNymph: Eloise by The-NonexistentCommission for ayaben: Smol Bunny by The-NonexistentCommission for RaisloverSakura: Lacey by The-Nonexistent Commission for RaisloverSakura: Missy by The-Nonexistent  Commission for Elisa: Mintaka by The-Nonexistent  Commission for Elisa: Luperca by The-NonexistentCommission for Elisa: Merry by The-NonexistentCommission for Elisa: Holly by The-NonexistentCommission for Elisa: Thalassa by The-NonexistentChevron by The-NonexistentNeurial: Rauna by The-Nonexistent  NEURIAL: Merle by The-Nonexistent 

20 USD Colored Halfbody
Sketch portratit Commission for Parororo by The-Nonexistent   Colored Sketch Commission for zoeymewmew13: Alice by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for Intortus-aedo by The-NonexistentColor Commission for intortus-aedo by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for Camila by The-Nonexistent Sketch portratit Commission for AmyLovestar by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for AiPendragon by The-NonexistentColor Commission for Aipendragon: Seidon by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for Suyuku-san by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for Suyuku-san: Grithiff by The-Nonexistent Colored Sketch Commission for Suyuku-san: Meyna by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for Suyuku-san: Rei by The-NonexistentColored Sketch Commission for Suyuku-san:Croystzel by The-Nonexistent Color Commission for Suyuku-san: Mira by The-NonexistentSpecial Colored Sketch Comm. for RaisLoverSakura by The-NonexistentColor Commission for RaisLoverSakura: Tsura by The-Nonexistent   Comm for Raisloversakura: Phoebe by The-NonexistentComm for Raisloversakura: Bibi by The-Nonexistent Commission for Solhouette: Ami by The-NonexistentCommission for Zoeymewmew13: Rosamunde by The-Nonexistent  Commission for Whiztle by The-NonexistentCommission for DementedNymph: Eloise II by The-Nonexistent  Commission for IgnisPectus: Adeen by The-NonexistentCommission for Suyuku-san: Lance and Isha by The-Nonexistent Commission for Rokudessa: Elisha by The-Nonexistent

Commission for Zoeymewmew13: Hansel and Gretel by The-Nonexistent

25 USD COMPLEX Character Half Body 

Commission for SilverAngel907: Carys by The-NonexistentCommission for Suyuku-san by The-Nonexistent Complex Color Commission for Suyuku-san: Shun by The-Nonexistent Commission for Suyuku-san by The-NonexistentSpecial Colored Sketch Commission for Suyuku-san by The-NonexistentComplex Color Comm. for RaisLoverSakura: Lanirea by The-Nonexistent

30 USD HIGH COMPLEX Character Half Body
 Special Commission for Suyuku-san: Egil by The-Nonexistent

50 USD Fullbody Character
    Repetitivo pero necesario by The-Nonexistent  Repetitivo pero necesario Rauna Auseklis by The-Nonexistent  Nidst Aatos by The-Nonexistent  Terhi Ekaitz - Explorer by The-Nonexistent  

60 USD Fullbody COMPLEX Character
Commission for Revalarevalution: Tane by The-Nonexistent  Commission for Revalarevalution: Layla by The-Nonexistent  Nadja - Commission by The-Nonexistent

70 USD Fullbody EXTRA COMPLEX Character
Commission for SilverAngel907: Mariketa by The-Nonexistent  Commission for SilverAngel907: Maika by The-Nonexistent

70-120 USD SPECIAL Fullbody Character + Background (special posing, ambient)
Rowena Roman - Noah (Book Cover) -Front- by suyuku-san Commission for Enredadiza by The-Nonexistent  Commission - Aleira by The-Nonexistent  

Commission Policy: Starting from May 30th, 2015

Please be sure you really want to commission me before sending a note.

Before ordering your slot You'll need to have this in mind:
- If you cancel your order before it was started I will refund 50% of payment. I try my best to fulfill my part as the artist giving you the artwork you ask for in a decent ammount of time, so I can have the money i receive available for me to use. That's why i will not always be able to refund the payments i receive. That's why i will be willling ro refund half of the paymnet.
- If you cancel your order when I have started drawing it there will be no refund.
Please respect my time and agenda y w y.

What you own:
- The entire character's design (even if it was me who made the design for you. It becomes automatically yours!).
- The right to print the artwork for personal use. if you want to use the artwork for commercial use contact me first = ).
- The right to modify the artwork as you wish! (colors, shapes, crop the image, make icons, banners, etc with the image).

What I own:
- Credits as the artist who made the artwork. 
- The right to print the artwork for commercial use in Conventions as the artist who made the piece. I will NEVER claim either the design nor the character is mine!! I will credit you as the owner. I will select few of the commissioned pieces.

When you contact me for commission i will always link to this journal. I will considere that you read everything and accepted this policy. 

[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Not Started) by ShittyChan
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Sketched) by ShittyChan
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by ShittyChan
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Coloring) by ShittyChan
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Posted) by ShittyChan

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akaluv Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! This is aipendragon from before =) I don't know if you remember me, but you did the artwork for Assan. I wanted to let you know that everyone loves the picture you drew for me. If you ever open up commissions again, I would love to get more work from you.  
heartandbonebreaker Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your gallery is amazing! I love your style! keep it up! :iconeweplz:
nervene Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
Wolfman18x Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
woooooouuuuu realmente hermosos tus trabajos muy bellos :3 
suyuku-san Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Professional Writer
hey I responded to your note, hopefully it went through, sorry if I'm bugging you, the note system might be acting up again... ^^;
(1 Reply)
Capuccin Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Your art is too good for this word :/

ok bye
(1 Reply)
Cherielou Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous gallery and style! I really like how doll-like it appears, and how you draw small full lips! Keep up the pretty work, so glad I found your page today! ^^
(1 Reply)
nervene Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016
Hope you're doing well!
(1 Reply)
suyuku-san Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Professional Writer
hey sweetie sent you a note, not sure if it went through, let me know if it did or didn't and I can resend it :heart:
(1 Reply)
Clarapp100 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lovely work 👏👏👏👏💕
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